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Front desk manager of The Four Seasons Seychelles Resort

The history
“I joined the Four Seasons group ten years ago in Paris at the George V where I learned all about an international clientele, diplomacy and the discretion required by our profession. I was lucky to have experienced every aspect of what is called the “front office” (telephone switchboard, reception, cashiering). I’ve been head of reception in the Seychelles for the past two and a half years.”

The philosophy
“First and foremost, our golden rule, which is common to all of our properties, is to treat others as you would want to be treated, meaning luxuriously in everything we do, beginning with personalized service, paying particular attention to the quality of our destinations, our installations and our staff…and a bit of magic as well…Four Seasons magic.”


The style
“People who choose the Seychelles as their holiday destination have very demanding expectations. We have to make certain that their stay here, often for several days, is an unforgettable experience. We therefore get to know them from the very first day in order to personalize our service. By being sensitive to their wishes and to the image they have of our paradise like island, we try to fulfill all of their dreams: a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach, a champagne cocktail at sunset time up on the hill facing the ocean, a Creole cooking class with the whole family participating, children included, etc. In addition, everything has to be absolutely perfect including the cleanliness, the service and the quality of the cuisine, but perfection is what the Four Seasons is all about.

The present
“I’ve just been named Director of Customer Relations at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat. The historic building has existed for more than a century. The gardens have been the venue for some of the finest Côte d’Azur celebrations. The Club Dauphin on the Mediterranean is timeless and sublime. The only challenge is to be worthy of this superb house. The staff which has been working here for many years consists of excellent professionals.
I can’t wait for them to welcome me into their family.”

The future
“Anything can happen at the Four Seasons ! The journey has been very motivating for me. In choosing this profession, I knew that I could fulfill my desire to discover foreign countries and meet different kinds of people. I’d like to discover Latin America, and sometimes I think about Asia. Once you’ve developed a taste for living abroad, it becomes easier to leave a place, and I like the feeling!”

Jérôme Cheval

Editorial Director

Jérôme Cheval is the editorial director of As a journalist and a TV producer for more than 20 years, passionate about hotels and travel, he has been exploring the world with his teams in search of the latest high-class addresses.

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