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Melina Amaro Da Luz


Ideally located along the Atlantic coast, the state of Bahia is one of the longest and wildest stretches of land in Brazil. Over the past decade, thanks to its magnificent landscapes, this northern region of the country has seen an influx of tourists from all over the world and with them, a gradual increase in the number of hotels.

Virginie Pineau de Andrade – Terre Brésil
« If I had to convince someone at the other end of the world to come to Brazil, I would tell him that he will meet fantastic people who will welcome him and show him everything that Brazil has to offer: superb beaches, exuberant nature, almost Dantean at times…Simply speaking, you have the impression of being truly alive ».

Pestana Convento do Carmo

Pestana-convento-do-carmo-luxury-dream-hotels-73The recently restored Pestana Convento do Carmo is the first historic hotel in Brazil. Surrounded by Pelourinho, the quarter of Salvador do Bahio classified a UNESCO world heritage, this former convent represents the quintessence of 16th and 17th century colonial architecture. A succession of patios separates the cloisters, the fountains decorated with traditional tiles known as azulejos, statues, antique furniture and gardens. Time seems to have stood still here, and the promise of rest and meditation begins to take shape.

Kenoa Exclusive Beach & Spa

Kenoa-exclusive-beach-spa-resort-luxury-dream-hotels-73When going up the north coast of Salvador de Bahia stopping at Alagoas and staying at the Kenoa is an absolute must. Completely isolated from other luxury resorts, the Kenoa affirms its eco-chic concept between forests and the Atlantic Ocean. The architectural lines however, are totally modern single floor stone and wood structures that blend into the contours of the landscape.

The entire hotel faces the ocean, and as soon as guests arrive, thanks to the infinity swimming pool, comfortable deck chairs and warm looking cushions, they understand that their stay here will be geared towards rest and relaxation.

Kiaroa Eco Luxury Resort

kiaroa-eco-luxury-resort-luxury-dream-hotels-66The small private plane is actually the best way to reach the Marau peninusula in the southern part of Salvador do Bahia, and the hotel is well worth the flight. The Kiaroa is a luxury eco-resort which bound to please even the most demanding guests. Welcome to a world of serenity and nature where the key words are relaxation and elegance, perfectly embodied by its Italian owner.

Txai resort Itacare

txai-resort-itacare-luxury-dream-hotels-9Just a few kilometer’s drive from Salvador de Bahia, the village of Itacare looks like any other Bahia village with colorful houses, cobblestone streets and young fun loving inhabitants. Add to this find sand beaches, sun and waves all year long, and you’ve got the ingredients for a truly unforgettable vacation. But Itacare is also highly reputed for its rich cultural life. The village is the birthplace of surfing and the martial art known as capoiera. It attracts a great many Brazilian celebrities, and to accommodate this little universe of VIPs in search of authenticity, a hotel worthy of the site was needed, and the Txai resort filled the bill to perfection.

With a constantly increasing choice of upscale hotels, Brazil has raised itself to the level of other countries, while preserving the wealth of its traditions and the beauty of its landscapes, an indispensable challenge on the eve of important tourist events to come.

Melina Amaro Da Luz


Née au Brésil, je commence à découvrir le monde en 1999 à l'âge de 16 ans en partant aux États-Unis pour 6 mois. Après cette première expérience, je cumule les voyages en Amérique, en Europe et je pose mes valises 5 ans en France.
Après une formation en Tourisme au Brésil je prépare un MBA Gestion en Hôtellerie de luxe (Fundacao Roberto Miranda - Sao Paulo).

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