Hotels of Saint-Tropez

Matt Adams

Hotels of Saint-Tropez

The picturesque village of Saint-Tropez lies on the western edge of the French Côte d’Azur. With its pink, orange and red houses surrounding its celebrated marina, Saint Tropez is considered to b one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful fishing villages.

Saint-Tropez-Luxury-Dream-hotel-1This tiny port has been attracting artists and celebrities for a long time, and its natural beauty has inspired numerous painters including Matisse and Picasso. Today, Saint Tropez has become a cross between a village with an old fashioned charm and a mundane world capital. The streets are filled with VIPs and the wealthy yacht owners whose magnificent vessels are anchored in the marina.Saint-Tropez-Luxury-Dream-hotel-3 But behind all the glitz, we can still find the soul of an authentic small village, and one need only go to the Place des Lices to experience true Provençal charm.Saint-Tropez-Luxury-Dream-hotel-2

Meeting with Claude Maniscalco Director, Saint Tropez Office of TourismClaude Maniscalco - Directeur Office du Tourisme de Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is not an « à la mode » destination; it’s a mythical destination, an obligatory stop, like Venice, Paris or New York. Luxury is everywhere. The particularity of St. Tropez is the right to dream and discover things that only exist in this tiny patch of land.

St. Tropez has an exceptional rate of guest fidelity. You fall in love with it very easily, and you come back 2, 3, 4 times or even more. It’s a village you become attached to. Everything is sentimental here. The visitor brings us a great deal of love, and the village returns it, and it’s this emotional relationship that makes the village such a magical place.

Surrounded by natural beauty and magnificent beaches, Saint Tropez attracts more than 60,000 visitors annually. The village has something for everybody in addition to being the epicenter of luxury. In summer, Saint-Tropez is “the place to be.

There’s something for everyone in the hotel world of Saint-Tropez. The diversity of luxury establishments continues to increase.

Matt Adams


Native of London, Matt Adams is a graduate of the famous Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. After working for the BBC, he falls in love with France, where he quickly became a director and editor.

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