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Les Airelles : a paradise for children

Alexandra Montfort

Hôtel de Charme Les Airelles

A paradise for children

Les-Airelles-exterieur 2-Luxury-dream-hotels 1Nestled in the heart of the Alps, in the domain of the 3 Valleys in Courchevel, the Airelles hotel demonstrates its difference from its counterparts by the very special clientele to which it appeals : children. Contrary to many luxury boutique hotels which don’t accept anyone under the age of 16, here, the child is king. Located in an idyllic all white setting, the Airelles welcomes families and business people who have a limited amount of vacation time every year and want to take full advantage of every moment. The hotel places every child on a pedestal and offers them a multitude of activities in a magical environment, with or without their parents, who can either share and enjoy pleasant moments together as a family, or relax as a couple, knowing that their children are having a fun time at the same moment.

Made to measure service

Les-Airelles-carroussel-002-Luxury-dream-hotels 1In order for the kids to feel truly at home in this immense but cozy chalet, they each receive welcome gifts adapted to their age category. Infants sleep in cribs with their names engraved on them and are equipped with a bib, a shower cap, as well as toys and stuffed animals like their older brothers or sisters. Even teenagers are pampered and have the right to a heavy jacket, toilet articles and a Moleskin notebook. The Airelles‘ idea of luxury, in addition to comfort, is the notion of « made to measure. » For example, Blaise Mautin, in charge of the olfactory identity of the hotel, has created a series of fragrances with delicate hints of almonds, used for bath and beauty products exclusively reserved for children. In the same vein, the hotel’s spa proposes a range of treatments for them called “Tout chocolat” and “Tutti Frutti.” And for kids who want to do as their parents do, bartender Richard Bossoutrot has invented a number of original tasting non-alcoholic cocktails. Dessert concoctions sipped with straws are bound to make the adults jealous. And since Courchevel is a skier’s paradise, Alain Zanco, creator of the ski model exclusively designed for the Airelles, is there to provide each youngster with the ski size that suits them.

A program worthy of a government minister

Skiing of course, but much much more! The “Bougez and Jouez” (“Move and Play”program at the Airelles, assures children of a vast variety of activities.

Les-Airelles-Motoneige-Luxury-dream-hotels 3In the category of winter sports, fearless youngsters can take introductory lessons in motor skiing, dog sledding and driving a tracked vehicle known as a “chenillette!” The hotel also offers privileged access to a specialized platform proposing snow rafting and hydro speed. In the confines of the hotel, the private ice skating rink is ideal for enjoyable and emotional moments, including an ice hockey match, under the attentive eyes of the hotel’s skating bellhops and monitors. The Airelles’ swimming pool can also become the venue of a water polo match. During the course of an afternoon, the hotel’s young guests can participate in a costume party complete with original outfits, makeup and wigs to transform themselves into princesses and pirates of the Airelles.

An enchanting site

Les-Airelles-Salle-de-jeux 2-Luxury-dream-hotels 4In addition to the hotel’s attentive little services, the life style at the Airelles has been designed to recreate a magical environment. The Italian-Tyrolean chalet, with its colorfully painted façade, is a veritable fairy tale setting and contains everything a child could dream of; a universe of its own with a small tree house, a do it yourself workshop and a miniature kitchen where children can play and enjoy a snack together in a world that belongs to them alone. A game room worthy of Ali Baba’s cave contains a castle, a movie theatre, thousands of toys, a multi-media space with the latest games and technology, as well as attentive monitors who look after the youngsters and organize creative workshops for them. This enchanting setting becomes even more magical during Christmas when the trees are filled with garlands, lights and angels. The theme this year is Snow White. Children can watch as Santa Claus descends from a Hermés carriage to put dozens of presents at the foot of the gleaming Christmas tree in the grand salon. Our youngsters have some magic moments in store for them at the Airelles.

Alexandra Montfort

Alexandra Montfort, diplômée d’un master 2 en marketing, est attachée à la culture et à la communication de la Fondation des Etats Unis à Paris, éditrice d’une chronique culturelle sur 93.9FM, et styliste pour de la photo conceptuelle à ses heures. Elle contribue également à la rédaction de

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