Hôtel Unique de Sao Paulo au Brésil

Sao Paulo : avant-garde toute !

Melina Amaro Da Luz

Sao Paulo : avant-garde for one and all !

Sao Paulo is Brazil’s economic capital and the leading city for business in Latin America. 85 percent of the country’s fairs and congresses take place here. This former mission founded by the Jesuits in 1554 has become a prosperous city where in order to escape the monstrous traffic jams, businessmen and wealthy residents move around by helicopter. Sao Paolo is also renowned for its creativity and is ahead of its time in fashion, design, contemporary art and architecture. It’s also an experimental city. In 2007, a law forbidding all publicity was enacted, a first in the world. Millions of giant panels and neon signs disappeared from the horizon. Since then, about fifty other large cities have adopted similar legislation. Considered to be one of the most powerful financial cities in the world, Sao Paulo possesses several luxury dream hotels that attract not only tourists and businessmen, but also visitors in search of a complete vacation.

Melina Amaro Da Luz


Née au Brésil, je commence à découvrir le monde en 1999 à l'âge de 16 ans en partant aux États-Unis pour 6 mois. Après cette première expérience, je cumule les voyages en Amérique, en Europe et je pose mes valises 5 ans en France.
Après une formation en Tourisme au Brésil je prépare un MBA Gestion en Hôtellerie de luxe (Fundacao Roberto Miranda - Sao Paulo).

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