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Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Yvan Pierre Kaiser

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

The Empire era in France and the Middle Empire of Asia

When the Asian hotel group, Shangri-La decided to open a hotel in the French capital, the question that concerned them most was how to make it stand out. Opening a five-star establishment, as prestigious as it may be, cannot be looked upon as just another luxury project. How therefore can one make a lasting impression in a city overflowing with luxurious establishments? The answer began with the choice of buildings: the former mansion of Prince Roland Bonaparte – a geographer, botanist and great nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte – a structure whose very DNA is filled with wealth, splendour and elegance. With additional touches representing the group’s Asian spirit including paintings, vases and restaurants, the Shangri-La Hotel Paris has succeeded  in  blending  perfectly  into the luxurious Parisian

landscape with an imposing structure just a few steps from the city’s legendary high fashion landmarks. Having conserved the interior structure of this magnificent private manor, the common areas embody French luxury with a touch of history added, giving the building a sumptuous aura of its past glory. Pierre-Yves Rochon, the celebrated architect, took a fresh look at the Empire style and gave it an exciting visual identity. The jewel of the hotel is the Shangri-La Suite on the seventh floor with its 220 m2, its 100-m2 terrace and its magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower, one of the city’s most beautiful views for this summit of Parisian luxury. The majority of rooms in the hotel also provide guests with a view of the French capital’s legendary icon. And to complete the experience, the Shangri-La offers guests a choice of three exceptional restaurants: L’Abeille (2 stars), specializing in French gastronomy, the Shang Palace (1 star) serving traditional Chinese cuisine and La Bauhinia with a menu of French and Asian dishes served in a magnificent setting. In the case of the Shangri-La, the old adage holds true: once a palace, always a palace!

Yvan Pierre Kaiser


Yvan Pierre-Kaiser est journaliste et réalisateur, passionné de voyages, de cinéma et de photographie. Entre l'écriture et la réalisation il trouve aussi le temps d'arpenter la planète pour filmer quelques uns des plus beaux hôtels du monde pour

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