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Vietnam possesses a uniquely rich civilization

A thousand years of Chinese occupation, a century of French colonialism and ten years of war have all left their mark on this country whose territory meanders like a snake along the eastern part of the Indo-Chinese peninsula. With their dramatic settings rich in colonial color, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City bustle with activity while retaining the stigma of a not too distant past. As a popular destination thanks to the beauty of its mountainous and high plateau settings as well as its magnificent coasts, Vietnam possesses a uniquely rich civilization with a variety of ethnic groups and an important and still existent colonial heritage. The luxury hotel industry here has kept mass tourism under control in order to preserve the country’s traditional way of life, its spectacular natural landscapes and its exotic charm. A cruise on the Bay of Along, hiking in the Sapa Mountains, discovering local crafts in Hoi An, honeymooning on the southern coast of the peninsula or snorkeling on the island of Phuy Quoc make Vietnam a tourist destination capable of satisfying even the most seasoned traveller.

Hanoi – a Garden City

The architecture and configuration of Hanoi today are based on the urban planning dating back to the era when it was the capital of French Indochina. A vestige of this period, the Legend Metropole Hanoi, one of the country’s oldest hotels, escaped destruction and has since been restored to its original splendor in order to welcome the world’s rich and famous. This icon of luxury illustrates the marriage of French elegance and Vietnamese refinement.

Dalat – Strawberry Fields Forever

During this same period, the French residents of the capital discovered the region of Dalat in southern Vietnam, a haven of fresh air. This posh city with an eternally spring like climate was an ideal destination for escaping the heat of the coast and the hyperactivity of the big cities. The majority of French vacationers would stay at the legendary Dalat Palace Luxury Hotel and Golf Club, an establishment that has not lost any of its past charm. The bronze water taps, bathroom tiles, chandeliers and tapestries are all authentic. The hotel was restored with the goal of recreating the exact atmosphere that existed in the 1930s. The magnificent villas built by wealthy Frenchmen in the pine forest overlooking Dalat were also renovated and turned into the Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa. By staying in one of these seventeen villas, each architecturally different and varied, guests are assured of total comfort, privacy and serenity. As an extra added attraction, for visiting the city, the flower market and the strawberry fields (a regional specialty), the hotel provides a four wheel drive Citroën or a Peugeot 403, both from the colonial era!

A Mountain Adventure

In a different vein, the thermal spring resort at Sapa near the Chinese border, also known for its attractive climate, was founded by the French who called it the “Tonkin Alps”. This region, famous for its magnificent mountain landscapes with clouds that seem to cling to the treetops, is ideal for hiking enthusiasts. The

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa Hotel, a compromise between an alpine chalet and a home built by the Thai minority here, is the perfect venue for making the acquaintance of the different ethnic groups that settled in this mountainous region. The sides of the mountain with their carved stairs and covered with rice fields are truly spectacular. During one’s mountain adventure, nature lovers can stay at the Topas Ecolodge Sapa, nestled in the mountainside 30 kilometers from Sapa. Its purely decorated hand carved stone and wood bungalows blend perfectly into the breathtaking landscape. Solar panels, a vegetable garden and a natural spring shared with neighboring villages make the Topas self-sufficient and a delight for even the most demanding eco-friendly visitors.

Honeymooning on the Vietnamese Coast

The Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay is a veritable reference in the spirit of building with total respect for nature and the environment by employing architecture that becomes part of a virgin landscape. Located in the heart of Ninh Van Bay, 20 minutes by boat from the Nha Trang coast, its ultra-luxurious Robinson Crusoe type bungalows provide direct access to the transparent waters of the China Sea and to a private swimming pool carved out of natural rock. As a dream destination for the romantically oriented, the hotel possesses a chapel for symbolically celebrating the union of two amorous souls should they so wish as well as offering a private cruise in a traditional vessel at sunset…the height of romance! And to fill one’s suitcase with souvenirs of Vietnamese craftsmanship, dropping anchor at Hoi is a must. This small coastal city was historically important for its silk, spice and porcelain trade. It also possesses one of Vietnam’s most design hotels, the Nam Hai, with its spiritual, Zen like atmosphere. Nirvana is not far away thanks to the Chinese and Vietnamese massages offered by the spa. The villas face the Eden like beach assuring guests of a truly exceptional honeymoon.


Vietnam, between mountain and sea.


For the warm hospitality of the Vietnamese people, for the spectacular scenery and for a folklore rich in tradition and fascinating customs.


Three airports are available for international travelers: Tan Son Nhatin Ho Chi Minh City (HCMV), Noi Bai in Hanoi for northern trips, and finally, Danang in the center of the country, although flights are less frequent. Once you’ve arrived, you can travel by bicycle and earn the esteem of the local population! Vietnam is also rich in navigable routes, and river transport is both frequent and charming. For long trips; the train is safer and more comfortable than the bus.


A cruise on the Bay of Along, the magnificent agricultural region of Dalat, famous for its flowers, strawberries and the surrealistic architecture of the Hang Nga Guesthouse, known as the “Crazy House”, the city of Dalat, the former vacation destination for French residents with its old world colonial charm, Nha Trang the capital of snorkeling and magnificent beaches, the ethnic minorities of the Sapa region with their colorful and ancestral traditions, the craft work at Hoi An, the lagoons, superb beaches and islands of the Khanh Hoa coastal region.


Vietnam is rich in local craft work including lacquered paintings, embroidery, silks and statues in precious wood. Other possibilities  are made to measure clothing, a cone shaped hat, fresh fruit, a bottle of rice alcohol with a snake inside, spices, porcelain, etc…


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