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The Switzerland of Asia

Singapore, a city of glass and steel and a world center for finance, gleams with its modern appearance, its boundless energy and its breakneck rhythm of life. At the crossroads of cultures and religions, its population is varied and often contradictory. Between capitalism and strong traditional roots, it continues its course towards economic success without “completely” losing sight of its past. Walking through the new quarters reveal a strong leaning towards a western style consumer society as witnessed by the increasing number of luxury complexes and palace hotels built to welcome tourists. The traditional Confucianist values of work and family have given way to sensual pleasures and festive occasions. Casinos and many other entertainment attractions of all kinds are flourishing. And yet, the historic colonial style buildings and the ancestral forests have survived in this city of contrasts.

CBD Singapore

Whether you’re a businessman or a tourist in Singapore, it’s impossible to ignore the effervescence of the Business District, the famous CBD. Like New York or Tokyo, the quarter is filled with vertical glass towers. Although businessmen have opted for the Boat Quay to take their lunch break, this charming promenade along the water is also a very trendy night spot for enjoying a wide variety of dishes. To be in the heart of the action, the Parkroyal on Pickering with its 15,000 square meter garden is ideal. To understand the history of the city and its current unbridled rush towards economic power, the Singapore City Gallery, just a few steps away, is the place to go. Chinatown, which represents a total break with the modern character of the CBD, is the soul of the city with its traditional shophouses and Buddhist temples spread along its busy, animated streets. To experience the contrast between the traditional and the modern, try the New Majestic, an old establishment transformed into a modern and playful hotel.

The folly of grandeur

East of the CBD, we find a colossal building, demonstrating the folly of grandeur that exists in this cosmopolis: the Marina Bay Sands. This hotel complex with three futuristic towers, overlooks the bay and offers guests a view of the entire city from its Sky park and its infinity swimming pool. More than just a hotel, the Marina Bay Sands has become the symbol of Singapore’s new look, and an attraction itself with its ocean liner look, its giant casino, its twenty restaurants and lotus flower looking museum. The aspiration to grandeur and constant renewal is obvious as well in the gradual reconstruction of the artificial island of Santosa, not in a kitsch Chinese style but with a jet set type luxury. With the goal of becoming a sort of Asian Ibiza, the island possesses immense golf courses, a new casino complex, the Resort World Sentosa as well as the total comfort of hotels such as the W Singapore or elegant classic style palace hotels with cream colored facades matching the palm trees like the Capella Singapore.

Colonial District, the heart of Singapore

Although the modern has overtaken the traditional, Singapore’s Colonial District, in its historic quarter, is a striking reminder of the past. Grouped together north of the river, several emblematic buildings rise up on every street. The legendary Raffles Hotel, a haven of retro beauty and romanticism, the City Hall, the Fine Arts museum and the Asian Civilizations museum are bound to delight lovers of history and architecture. The Fort Canning hotel, formerly the British Military Administration Center, welcomes its guests to a world of great intimacy in the center of the rich greenery of its park.

Green Singapore

Singapore has also succeeded in preserving its green, sometimes virgin spaces, which are well worth a visit. Strolling through the Zoo and the Night Safari in the north of the city enables visitors to observe Malaysian fauna. At the Bukit Timah nature reserve, we find a lush virgin forest, ideal for recharging one’s batteries and enjoying the fresh air. To be certain of being surrounded by greenery, simply book a room at the Shangri La Hotel Singapore with its Garden Wing rivalling the nearby Botanic Gardens. And be sure not to forget the incredible National Orchid Garden.


Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore. This Southeast Asian city-state stretching over 650 square kilometers, is located at the extreme end of the Malaysian peninsula. Thanks to its exceptional location, it’s the second port after Shanghai in terms of maritime traffic exports. Often called the Switzerland of Asia, it symbolizes for Asia and for the world, an extraordinary model of economic success.


As a commercial and financial hub between the Pacific and European zones, Singapore is a city where people go to do business. However, the quality of life and the luxury of its hotel complexes enable you to mix business with pleasure.


Changi International Airport is the starting point in Singapore. From Malaysia, it’s possible to reach the Woodlands train station. To get around the city, the urban transport system consists of four metro lines and a complete and operational bus network. All means of transportation are air conditioned, which is no small detail given the humid equatorial climate.


A souvenir from the boutique of the world famous Raffles hotel, Tiger balm, a carefully wrapped orchid, kaya (Singpore marmalade) and high tech gadgets and devices , if you’re adept at bargaining.


The Singapore City Gallery in order to understand how this frenetic city functions. Chinatown, Little India, the view from the roof of the Marina Bay Sands, a dim sum meal at Din Tai Fung, an evening at the Night Safari and a visit to the Botanical Gardens for its magnificent orchids.


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