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Singapore, Singapore

Capella Singapore

5 stars, Colonial, Contemporary, Stylish, Historic, Resort, Traditional, Private villas, Luxury, Seaside, Hideaway , Island, Luxuriant nature, Cultural activities, Wellness, Golf, Gardens, Swimming pool, Beach, Spa

Located on Sentosa Island, a haven of peace just ten minutes from downtown, the Capella possesses one of Singapore’s most beautiful settings, attracting more than 5 million visitors annually who come here to relax on the beach and enjoy the lush vegetation. The resort was built in colonial style with a handsome modern touch. The main buildings are two carefully restored bungalows dating back to the late 19th century prolonged by contemporary style annexes in perfect harmony with the historic structures, creating a veritable blend of the past and the present. One of the Capella’s signature moments is the welcome guests receive from their personal assistant assigned to them for their entire stay and dedicated to making every instant a memorable one. The hotel has its own beach of course and one of the most renowned golf courses in Asia. Sentosa is thus a premier destination for golf enthusiasts. The Capella possesses 112 rooms, suites and villas ranging in size from 77 to 436 square meters, some which face the sea and others the superb greenery surrounding the site. The 12 hectare property has a garden and 3 swimming pools as well as a 1200 square meter spa which is as huge as its reputation!


Singapore, on the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula covers an area of 648 square kilometers and consists of 64 islands. Since 1980, it has been considered to be one of the “Four Dragons of Asia” along with South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, all of which have enjoyed exceptional, often considered frenetic industrial growth and have become models in terms of their economy. Singapore’s success has enabled it to become an ultra modern city without sacrificing its historical traditions. We find entire neighborhoods dedicated to shopping, like the legendary Orchard Road and others which are worlds of their own like Chinatown or Little India. Singapore’s incredible ascension is based on four basic values: economic development, security, cleanliness and materialism. It’s a well balanced society although a number of green areas were sacrificed for industrial expansion. Today however, new parks have appeared throughout the city, although Singapore remains above all a land of unbridled urbanism with an increasing number of incredible looking skyscrapers. And yet, it’s possible to avoid the jungle of steel and glass. Just a few minutes from the city center lies one of the most sought after spots in Singapore: an island reputed to be a veritable haven of peace.

So near to the city and yet so far

Sentosa Island, barely 10 minutes from the bustling atmosphere of downtown Singapore, possesses an ambiance totally different from the center city! Peace, serenity and nature reign supreme here in an idyllic setting which attracts more than 5 million visitors annually. One of the jewels of this haven of peace is the Capella, a totally luxurious resort with its own private beach. Built in colonial style with a handsome modern touch, the Capella is an elegant five star establishment in which the Fosters and Partners architectural firm created a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements in a simple structure filled with contemporary details. Visitors are received in two carefully restored bungalows dating back to 1880 called Tanah Merah which signifies the red Malaysian earth. Beyond its magnificent walls however, the most impressive aspect of the resort is the way each guest is immediately welcomed by his or her own personal assistant who will be their privileged interlocutor throughout their stay. The resort has 112 rooms, suites and villas ranging in size from 77 to 436 square meters, some of which face the sea and others the lush vegetation. The 12 hectare property possesses, among other features, a garden and 3 swimming pools not to mention the private pools in some of the villas. The Capella’s 1200 square meter spa is as huge as its renowned reputation! After a high quality treatment, why not choose a good book to read from the hotel’s library before heading for the magnificent golf course, which makes Sentosa a must for all golf enthusiasts.

The historic Tanah Merah buildings were once used to house British officers stationed on the island. A legend talks about a treasure buried on the site by British soldiers before having to flee the island. Part of it was discovered in 1950, but the rest is said to be hidden under the property.

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Five stars / Colonial style / Historic / Member-Leading Hotels of the World / Resort / Island / Nature / Private beach / Outdoor pool / Palace / Elegant / Tropical forest / Personal assistants / Library / 3 restaurants / Spa / Fitness Centre / Cruises / Privileged access to the golf course/ Bicycle tours / Garden


All year round

Number of rooms and suites

112 rooms and suites


From 450 €

Nearest airport

Changi Singapore Airport (SIN) – Singapore


1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098297

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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 13 hours

Time difference from Paris:

 Approximately 8 hours

Type of climate:

Tropical, humid

Travel requirements for European Community members:

Passport (valid at least 6 months from date of entry)

No visa required

No vaccination required


Singapore dollar


English, Malay, Tamoul, standard Mandarin

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