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Sao Paulo

The city of hospitality

Cosmopolitan, exhilarating and gigantic are three attributes describing the contours of the American style metropolis of Sao Paulo. Far from the legendary beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo is the nerve center of business, luxury and modern art in Latin America. The pace is fast and energetic since there’s almost too much to take in. To take full advantage of your stay in Sao Paulo, the center of this urban jungle is the place to stay. The  most luxurious and monumental hotels look up at a cloudless sky, and down at the famous city skyline. There’s no need however, to be intimidated by the enormity of Sao Paulo, whose multi-cultural and eclectic inhabitants, formed by numerous waves of immigration, will be glad to show you, neighborhood by neighborhood, and to share the excitement with you of this self-proclaimed city of hospitality.


Paulista Avenue, the backbone of the Paulista quarter, symbolizes the success of Sao Paulo. To become a part of the lifestyle of this Brazilian version of Manhattan, it’s definitely the place to stay. You can stroll about, surrounded by the incredibly contemporary architecture of the skyscrapers interspersed with rare mansions bearing witness to the former empire of the coffee barons. Emblematic of the city and its love for contemporary art, there’s the intentionally crude architecture of the MASP, the Sao Paulo Museum of Art. Just opposite, there’s the greenery of Trianon Park with plants from the primary forest in contrast with the materials used for the buildings. A few steps away, we find the Tivoli Sao Paulo Mofarrej, a hotel with unequalled chic and elegance and a perfect site for appreciating all the qualities of the quarter.

Rua Augusta

Augusta Avenue, perpendicular to Paulista Avenue is famous for its night life. Streets filled with cocktail bars, young people and clubbers crowd into the legendary botecos (Brazilian bars for eating and drinking) and the churrascaria (“all you can eat” restaurants with excellent meat dishes).  All styles of music ranging from samba rock to trendy techno fill the air in an atmosphere guaranteed to remain “caliente” until the wee hours of the morning.

Rua Oscar Freire

We continue our stroll in the garden quarter and Oscar Freire Street opposite the Paulista, a paradise for fashion lovers, art enthusiasts and gourmets. It’s here that you will find trendy acquisitions, chic restaurants as well as experiencing the hysteria of the city’s two annual fashion weeks. In the elegant image of the street, the twenty two story Emiliano Hotel, all in white marble and light color wood, invites guests to sophistication, service and luxury. Another fashionable place to stay is the Fasano Sao Paulo Hotel, just a few steps away, with the combined elegance and talent of an Italian family known for its gastronomic restaurants. An important feature of the Fasano is the fitness center on the top three floors with a magnificent view of the city. 


If however, you prefer greenery to fitness, the Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo’s version of Central Park in New York, is the ideal place for jogging around the lakes, as many wellness minded local inhabitants do. Throughout this superb green haven of peace, a number of sites dedicated to the arts will undoubtedly interest the culturally curious, especially the concert hall built by the celebrated Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer. And if you’re an admirer of his work, head for the Avenue Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, not far from the park, to admire or even to stay at the Hotel Unique, designed by Ruy Ohtake, one of Niemeyer’s disciples. Like a naïve style boat, the building corresponds to a semi-circle, resembling an ocean liner in drydock. As its name indicates, it’s totally unique and one of Sao Paulo’s most fascinating structures, offering visitors a panoramic view of this city full of surprises.


Sao Paulo, Latin America’s most imposing metropolis, is the economic and cultural capital of Brazil, a modern Titan with an endless skyline.


Businessmen or night owls in search of excitement, gourmet or serial shoppers will all find what they’re seeking here. The possibilities of Sao Paolo are unlimited.


Sao Paulo has three airports : Cumbica and Guaralhos for national and international flights and Congonhas for domestic flights only. The largest bus terminal in Latin America is here, the Tiete terminal with a very comprehensive transportation network. For getting around the city, there are five metro lines and eight suburban connections. For the ecologically minded or for those who are allergic to traffic jams, which can be terrifying during rush hour, there are many U-Bike rental concessions available.


The traditional cachaca, Havaianas flip flops, Melissa shoes from the legendary concept store, Galleria Melissa on the Oscar Freire Street, which specializes in innovative plastic designer shoes, and partnerships with renowned creators including Vivianne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld.


The Museum of Art of Sao Paulo (MASP), the Pinacotheca, the botecas (typical Brazilian bars), the churrascarias (“all you can eat” meat restaurants,) Paulista Avenue, the main commercial thoroughfare and a symbol of the city, the Villa Madalena quarter, a more human scale and very picturesque neighborhood with walls of street art, small colorful restaurants and charming boutiques.


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