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Singapore, Singapore

Shangri-La Hotel Singapour - Valley Wing

5 stars, Excessive , Stylish, Mythical, Palace, Traditional, Luxury, Luxuriant nature, Gardens, Swimming pool, Spa

When the Shangri-La Singapore opened 41 years ago, it was the first hotel of a group which is now present throughout the world. It was with this palace that the group redefined the norms of upscale luxury hotels. It consists of 3 parts with an incredible 747 rooms and suites! There’s the Tower Wing, the Garden Wing and the most luxurious of all, the Valley Wing whose guests include politicians, diplomats and celebrities from all over the world. The hotel proposes a number of exclusive services, making it one of Asia’s most luxurious hotels. Among these are the services of a butler available 24-7 and complimentary champagne… enough to make even the most seasoned travellers dream! Guests of course, have access to the renowned Shangri-La spa and the hotel’s garden, one of the most impressive in Singapore which has earned it its nickname of “Singapore’s other botanic garden.”Its splendor and top of the scale luxury has kept the Shangri-La in the category of legendary hotels for decades, which it remains today, making it a destination in and of itself.


Located on an island in the southernmost part of the Malaysian peninsula, Singapore measures 648 square kilometers and consists of 64 islands. In the 1980s, it was named one of the Four Asian Dragons, the other three being South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Their exceptional, and for some, frenetic growth, have made them examples in the area of economic development. Since gaining independence in 1965, Singapore has become a model society which to this day, is one of the most highly reputed in Asia. This success is based on four basic principles: economic growth, security, cleanliness and materialism.

Singapore is an effervescent city-state whose favorite pastimes, for local inhabitants and tourists alike, are eating and shopping. Time is precious here.

The city’s hyperactivity includes daring architectural projects and a constantly evolving business quarter.

But Singapore is also a remarkably stable city-state, with a strong national cohesion that has been encouraged since the early days of its independence. Its leaders realized from the outset that the state’s prosperity lies in this strength. Each ethnic group has a community of its own. Chinatown is radically different from Little India for example, giving Singapore a multi-cultural appearance.

The birth of a myth

The use of superlatives is only natural when talking about luxury hotels, and yet they don’t seem to be strong enough to describe the total splendor of the Shangri-La Singapore. Even the adjective, “mythical”, would be an understatement. Simply put, the Shangri-La redefined the rules for luxury hotels as early as 41 years ago!

When it opened, it was the first Shangri-La hotel, making it the birthplace of what is today one of the most powerful hotel groups in the world. Its 38 floors, 80 elevators and 6 hectares of lush vegetation have earned it the nickname of “Singapore’s other botanic garden”. In short, it is a veritable palace.

The Shangri La’s 747 rooms and suites are spread over three wings, each of which is a hotel of its own. The Valley Wing is the most exclusive and the most luxurious, designed for guests in search of optimum luxury.

Opened in 1985, the Valley Wing has its own entrance and reception area, like a palace within a palace. It has 131 rooms and suites, all in the elegant style for which the group has been famous over the past 40 years, i.e. traditional with an Asian touch. The height of luxury would not be complete without a butler and complimentary champagne, of course. The Shangri-La is an establishment that makes even the most experienced world travellers dream.

Since 2002, the hotel has been the annual meeting place for the world’s Defense Ministers. It’s here that they come into contact with military chiefs of staff during meetings known as Shangri-La Dialogues.

details about this hotel

Description :

5 stars / Palace hotel/ Member - Shangri-La Group / Mythical / Historic/ Elegant / Opulent / 3 restaurants : Japanese, Asian and international cuisine / 3 bars / Meals served in one’s room / Outdoor swimming pool surrounded by luxuriant gardens / Spa with hammam, sauna, jacuzzi / Fitness center / Personal assistants / Babysitting service / Hair salon / Beauty Institute/ Tennis courts / Miniature golf / Business center/ 6 hectare botanic garden / Airport shuttle service

Open :

All year round

Number of rooms and suites :

105 rooms and 26 suites

Price :

From 325 €

Nearest airport

Changi Airport (SIN) – Singapore

Address :

22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350

details about this country

Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 13 hours

Time difference from Paris:

 Approximately 8 hours

Type of climate:

Tropical, humid

Travel requirements for European Community members:

Passport (valid at least 6 months from date of entry)

No visa required

No vaccination required


Singapore dollar


English, Malay, Tamoul, standard Mandarin

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