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Turks and Caicos Islands, Providenciales


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Kilometers of white sandy beaches and fantastic ocean depths make the islands of Turks and Caicos a celebrity’s Garden of Eden. And in the heart of this preserved nature, we find the villas of the Amanyara hotel. Inspired by the environment, Jean-Michel Gathy, the architect of numerous luxury hotels, combined the privileged location on the edge of the beach with contemporary design. Wood and stone are predominant in the décor. Some buildings have a view of the lakes while others, built on stilts on the white sandy beach, face the turquoise sea. All the villas possess a voluptuous atmosphere of peace and serenity. Not far from the reception area, there’s a library, an immense swimming pool, a home cinema room and the Serenity Villa Spa which welcomes guests in a setting of lush vegetation. At the Amanyara, guests can take advantage of grandiose architecture in symbiosis with magnificent nature.


The Turks and Caicos Islands, known for their kilometers of white sand beaches and stunning marine depths and which were once a hideout for pirates and other outlaws, has become a Garden of Eden for celebrities. In the heart of the Caribbean, surrounded by the Bahamas, Cuba and Haiti, the archipelago is divided between the Turks and the Caicos islands. The Turks islands consist of uninhabited coral reefs, two inhabited islands, Grand Turk and Salt Cay and a few rocky islets. The Caicos archipelago’s main islands are North, East, South, West and Middle Caicos and Providenciales, in addition to about thirty islets.

Providenciales, commonly known as Provo, and the archipelago’s most well known tourist center, has nevertheless preserved its coasts and its back country from mass tourism. This paradise for divers is surrounded by coral reefs containing an enormous variety of fish. Grace Bay, which stretches over 20 kilometers, is the longest on the island, and was voted the world’s most beautiful beach by Condé Nast magazine. Providenciales also has the only conch-breeding farm in the world, the Caicos Conch Farm. This delicious shellfish is bred here in massive quantities in order to protect it from extinction. Like its neighbors, Providenciales has a number of natural lakes, which after being transformed into salt water lakes by the 17th century colonists, are now a refuge for a great many bird species like the white heron and the pink flamingo. Providenciales offers its visitors a calm and sunny vacation in perfect harmony with nature.

A haven of peace

It’s in this well-preserved natural setting that we find the Amanyara, a member of the Aman hotel group. Its architect, Jean-Michel Gathy, the creator of a number of luxury hotels, always takes his inspiration from the environment in which he designs his buildings. Here, Gathy put the accent on the site’s natural elements like the light which enters brilliantly into the glass encircled pavilions. The ventilation is natural as well thanks to the gentle ocean breeze. The water in the numerous infinity pools scintillates in the sun, while the sound of the undertow is a constant reminder of the proximity of the ocean. Wood and stone make up the basic decor. The bathroom floors are in sisal, and the living room and bedroom are in sand “terrazzo” with teak incrustations. Some of the buildings have a view of the lakes while others, on stilts, are built on the beach facing the turquoise water. The atmosphere is one of sensuality, peace and serenity. Aman in Sanskrit means peace and Yara in the Arawak Indian language means place or site, and the Amanyara is truly a peaceful place in total symbiosis with nature.

The entrance to the hotel is through a reception area which opens onto a mahogany covered basin. Not far away, we find a library, an immense swimming pool, a home cinema salon and the Serenity Villa Spa all of which are surrounded by lush vegetation.

Early birds here can be initiated into the joys of deep sea fishing, and divers can explore the 1,600 hectares of marine depths at the Northwest Point Marine National Park. The less adventurous but no less athletic can enjoy a round of golf or a game of tennis. During the late afternoon, after having had tea on the dune of the Beach Club, a massage at the spa is strongly advised before a dinner of shellfish and local products on the tree lined terrace or an impromptu barbecue on the beach.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a regular vacation destination for a number of celebrities including Donna Karan, Bruce Willis and the Rolling Stones.

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Five stars / Luxury / Secluded beach / Marine National Park / Restaurant & Bar / Spa / Outdoor swimming pool / Spa / Outdoor yoga / Private yoga, pilates and meditation classes upon request / Library / Boutique / Beach club / Water sports / Whale watching / Nature Discovery Center

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

40 pavillons and villas


Double occupancy from 1011 euros

Nearest airport:

Providenciales International Airport (PLS) - Turks and Caicos Islands

Hotel details:


PO Box 901 Providenciales

Turks and Caicos Islands

British West Indies

details about this country

Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 16 hours

Time difference from Paris:

+ 5 hours in summer/ + 6 hours in winter


Tropical climate tempered by the trade winds. Temperatures are not astronomical, ranging from 25°C in winter to 30°C in summer.

The sun shines almost all year round with only a few days of rain in winter.

From July to November however, cyclones and tropical storms can sometimes cause flooding

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

Passport valid six months after return date. Administrative formalities (imposed by the United States) : for stays of less than 90 days, a valid passport. Visitors with optical or electronic passports do not need a visa. For everyone else a visa is required delivered by an American Consulate.

Visitors should count on a delay of three weeks between applying for and obtaining the visa. Each visitor must have his or own passport, children included.

No required vaccinations


The U.S. dollar (USD)

Languages spoken:

English and Bahamian Creole

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