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Spain, Cala Blava - Majorque – Îles Baléares

Hotel Cap Rocat

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The Cap Rocat in the bay of Palma, built within the walls of a 19th century fortress and partially carved into the rock, is a unique and original five star hotel. Its daring architect, Antonio Obrador, has created a veritable city landmark and one of the archipelago’s most luxurious hotels. The authentic setting and design furniture blend together perfectly. Obrador preserved a great many elements of the original site. The former munitions wagons have been transformed into night tables, and the munitions themselves serve as doorknobs. The oriental rugs and furniture in the salons of the hotel pay tribute to the island’s Moorish roots. In the rooms, the cannons have given way to sun drenched terraces. Local fabrics and furniture created by the island’s craftsmen using ancestral methods are combined with a luxurious and design decor. Above the reception area, a vast panoramic terrace enables guests to take advantage of the Mediterranean climate and to contemplate the sea. Although the hotel has a superb infinity swimming pool, it also proposes a direct access to the sea. The hotel also has large salons, two tennis courts, a fitness center and a restaurant directed by Chef Victor Garcia, considered one of the Baleares’ finest tables. The Cap Rocat is a rare site, steeped in history, offering guests a luxurious experience in contact with the elements.


The Balearic Islands, off the coast of Spain, lie proudly in the heart of the Mediterranean. At the crossroads of different civilizations, the archipelago, consisting of five main islands and several small islets, is steeped in history. As the birthplace of Talayotic culture, the islands of Mallorca and Minorca possess numerous small stone structures known as talayots,dating back to antiquity. Archaelogy and history lovers will also appreciate the Roman ruins, Arab baths and Gothic cathedralsspread throughout the archipelago.

Internationally famous for their torrid night life, the Balearic Islands also represent a spectacular nature reserve. Majestic white cliffs plunge into the azure and turquoise waters of the sea. The archipelago’s vast stretches of fine sand are among Europe’s most beautiful beaches. On Mallorca, the main island, the Serra de Tramuntana possesses a magnificent view of the creeks, and in Porto Cristo, the impressive underground Dragon Caves with their stalactite ceilings offer visitors an exceptional journey to the center of the earth. The jewel of Mallorca however, is its main city, Palma, which has the largest group of Gothic structures in Europe as well as a magnificent Arab palace, carved in ochre colored Mallorcan sandstone. Although its superb beaches and its nights without end make Mallorca a festive capital, the island is also a Mediterranean jewel whose rich culture continues to attract visitors.

A luxurious Fortress

There is no other hotel like the Cap Rocat. Built in a former military fortress, this unique site has become one of the landmarks of the island. Partially carved into the rock, the Cap Rocat blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Located in the bay of Palma, the hotelseems to throw itself into the Mediterranean, and possesses a breathtaking view.

Abandoned in 1996, this 19th century fortress came back to life thanks to the daring Mallorcan architect, Antonio Obrador and his desire to create a luxury modern hotel which would nevertheless respect the authenticity of this deeply historical site.

The munitions wagons were cleverly transformed into night tables, and the munitions themselves were used for the doorknobs. In the hotel’s salons, the oriental rugsand furniture pay tribute to the island’s Moorish past.

In the rooms and suites, the cannons have given way to sun drenched terraces. For the decor, Antonio Obrador called upon local craftsmen to create the furniture and the fabrics, using ancestral methods. White is the dominant color, giving the design rooms serenity and an abundance oflight. Obrador paid special attention to the spacious and pure bathrooms which he considers the height ofluxury. Fluctuating between past and present, the hotel organizes concerts and cocktail parties in the former gunpowder depot. Sheltered from the rest of the fortress, the site is ideal for lively night activities without disturbing the tranquillity of the rooms.

Above the fortress’ hall, the panoramic terrace enables guests to take advantage of the long summer nights while admiring the view of the bay. After a dip in the superb infinity swimming pool overlooking the blue Mediterranean, guests who so wish can take classes in yoga or pilates.

The same view can be enjoyed at the hotel’s gastronomic restaurant. Directed by chef Victor Garcia, it is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in the Baleares.

Unique and original, Cap Rocat is a special experience in an establishment where luxury and the environment are in perfect harmony.

The fortress of Cap Rocat was built at the end of the 19th century to counter a possible American invasion. To surprise invading ships, all that one can see from the water is a rocky cape, since the fortress was partially carved into the rock, a daring construction for the period.

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5 stars / Former 19th century fortress / Bay of Palma / Direct access to the sea / Panoramic terrace / Unusual / Unique / Design / Gastronomic restaurant / Restaurant waterfront / Infinity swimming pool / Fitness center / Yoga and Pilates classes / Ayurvedic massages / 2 tennis courts / Organization of concerts and cocktail parties


All year round

Number of rooms and suites:

24 rooms


Range per night: 633 € - 773 €

Nearest airport:

Son Sant Joan de Palma de Mallorca Airport


Cap Rocat

Carretera d'Enderrocat, s/n

07609 Cala Blava

Mallorca – Balearic Islands


details about this country

Flight time from Paris :

Approximately 2 hours

Time difference from Paris :

 No time difference

Type of climate :

Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild winters

Travel requirements for European Community members :

Identity card or valid passport
No vaccinations required

Currency :

Euro (EUR)

Languages :

Catalan, Castillan
French spoken at tourist sites

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