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United Kingdom, Edinburgh


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Adjacent to the center of Edinburgh, the Prestonfield charm hotel opens onto a twenty hectare wooded park. Restaurateur James Thomson took this 17th century mansion and transformed it into a luxurious, intimate and romantic hotel. Totally renovated in 2003, the hotel’s 23 rooms and suites represent a sense of fantasy, casting a modern veil over this charming and delicately outdated property. The tapestried walls create an art gallery aura that defies time. The tapestry room possesses a collection of 17th century art, plunging visitors into the elegant universe of the Scottish aristocracy. The hotel’s key attraction is its Rhubarb restaurant which offers such exquisite dishes that it’s entirely possible to spend a weekend here without venturing outdoors.


Scotland, a land of wild and romantic contrasts, has inspired numerous writers, artist and filmmakers. The raw, preserved beauty of its northern landscapes praised by native poet and novelist, Sir Walter Scott, reveals its layers of green once the gentle veil of mist enveloping the atmosphere begins to lift. The isolated manors and castles of this mysterious land are vestiges of a rich and tumultuous history and the source of numerous legends. Scottish folklore and culture are filled with ghosts of all kinds. And yet, bagpipes, kilts, misty roads and haunted houses are not the only aspects of Scottish culture, which is infinitely richer and which has for years, reconciled the traditional and the modern. Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital since the 15th century embodies this marvellous duality with its historic old town and its new city bustling with commerce including the most fashionable British names such as Jennes and the House of Fraser whose names have long been a part of the city’s famous Princess Street.

A romantic residence that has stood the test of time

With Prestonfield, there is no comparison. Forget Paris. Edinburgh is the new romantic capital of Europe.” This totally justified description is obvious when one discovers the spirit that inhabits the walls of the 17th century building and its twenty hectares of parks and gardens. Formerly a property ceded in 1677 to Sir James Dick, the provost marshal of Edinburgh, the Prestonfield residence remained in the hands of the Dick family until the 1950s. For about four centuries, the property was maintained, remodelled and embellished. The interiors contain a great many works of art imported from Italy, France and Holland. The gilded leather walls adorn the former master bedroom known as the Leather Room. The tapestry room possesses unique works conceived prior to 1680 and is today classified as a Scottish national heritage.

In 2003, restaurateur James Thomson undertook certain transformations with the goal of breathing new life into this prestigious establishment. “It was a beautiful house, but it wasn’t sexy. I always found it a bit stodgy, like a museum. I wanted the people who came here not to feel that they had to dress formally. It was a sort of fantasy.” Although the incontestable charm and elegance of the décor have contributed to the Prestonfield’s reputation as a luxury hotel, The Rhubarb, its restaurant, is undoubtedly a major attraction. The British daily, The Guardian, praise its cuisine in no uncertain terms: “The Rhubarb proposes dishes that are so exquisite that it’s possible to spend a weekend at the dinner table without ever going outside.” What more can one say?

A great many celebrities have stayed at the Prestonfield. Winston Churchill was a guest on several occasions, and his suite now bears his name. His arrival was always preceded by the delivery of a case of Pol Roger champagne.

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Five stars / Historical building / Restaurant with stylish Scottish cuisine / Private dining / Intimacy

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

23 rooms and suites


Double occupancy from 460 euros

Nearest airport:

Edinburgh Airport (EDI) - Edinburgh

Hotel details:


Prestonfield House

Priestfield Road

Edinburgh EH16 5UT


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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 1h45

Time difference from Paris:

- 1 heure toute l’année - one hour all year round


Temperate ocean climate influenced by the Gulf Stream Extremely unstable weather Severe winters and mild summers (20°C to 25° average in summer)

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

Passport valid three months after return or valid national ID card No visa required if visit does not exceed six months No vaccination required


The pound sterling (GBP-£)

Languages spoken:

English, Gaelic, Scottish dialects

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