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Sultanate of Oman, Muscat

The Chedi Muscat

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The white buildings of the Chedi Muscat face the turquoise waters of the ocean, with their backs to the ochre Djebel Al Akhdar Mountains. This luxury hotel, bears the imprint of the celebrated hotelier, Adrian Zecha, who called upon the talents of the world famous designer, Jean-Michel Gathy to create a subtle blend of the chic and the pure. Gathy succeeded in adding a minimalist European influence and an oriental touch to the structure’s authentically local architecture. Geometric lines dominate with an immense garden of palms, dates, fountains and arches. The 156 rooms and suites are pure in style and spread throughout the adjacent wings and on the same floor of the buildings. The Chedi Muscat has six restaurants with the same refined atmosphere where guests have the choice of specialties with western, Asian and Arabic influences, three magnificent swimming pools and a Balinese inspired spa. For discovering the beauty of Oman, the Chedi is definitely the place to stay.


Between India and Africa, the Sultanate of Oman stretches over the length of the Gulf of Oman to the east, and opens onto to the Arabian Sea to the south. The land has been inhabited since the third millennium B.C. Known in antiquity as the Magan or Makkan kingdom, Oman was one the first conquests of Islam. Since the 8th century, the Sultanate has professed its belief in Ibadism, a minority Islamic current which came from Mesopotamia. The present sultan is the country’s spiritual leader. He follows the precepts of this religion which includes tolerance toward the Christians and Hindus living in the country. It’s the country of the mythical Sinbad the Sailor. It also received the Queen of Sheba, and the ruins of Shir are possibly the mythical city of the Thousand and One Nights. What is definitely fact and not fiction is that Oman possesses a rich and well-preserved historical and architectural heritage.

On the road to the forts of the capital city of Mascate, at Nizwa, there are about twenty fortresses on the cliffs which blend in with the landscape. And although the architecture of Mascate is modern, it remains traditional. There are no skyscrapers here, as in neighboring Dubai, only gardens, a souk with the fragrances of incense and rows of white houses.

Minimalist and pure architecture

Nestled in the ocher mountains of Djebel Al Akhdar, The Chedi aligns its white pavilions facing the turquoise water of the ocean. Contrary to island hotels and other oversized towers in Dubai, this luxury hotel is both chic and pure. It bears the imprint of the celebrated hotel professional, Adrian Zecha, founder of the GHM hotel chain who commissioned the talents of the celebrated designer, Jean-Michel Gathy to create this subtle blend of authentic local architecture, a minimalist European influence and an oriental touch. The geometric lines dominate through an immense garden with date palms, fountains arcades and pergolas.

The rooms are spread over two floors in the adjacent wing, and the suites are in the pavilions on the ground level. Most of them have a magnificent view of the azure blue Gulf of Oman. The same pure style exists in the rooms with carefully chosen furniture, varnished exotic wood and white walls. We enter by the bathroom which is divided into two parts, a tropical shower on one side, and a fitted bathtub in the floor of the other.

In the restaurant, modestly called, The Restaurant, we find the same refined blend with Moorish arcades, European chandeliers and Asian panels. The dining room is surrounded by four open kitchens arranged so that guests can watch the Chefs preparing their western, Asian or Arab dishes.

After a hot day under the Omani sun, three swimming pools bordered by palm trees are perfect for getting cooled off: a magnificent pool with a black bottom, an infinity pool and The Long Pool, measuring 103 meters facing the sea. Not very far away, the Balinese inspired spa offers massages and beauty treatments. More than “the place to be”, The Chedi is “the place to stay” to enjoy the natural beauty of Oman.

The famous perfume known as Amouage is made in Oman. It contains more than 120 essences chosen among the rarest and costliest on the market. Sold in bottles created by Brosse or Baccarat, it is considered to be the most expensive perfume in the world.

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Five stars / Member Leading Hotels of the World / Boutique hotel / Water gardens / Six restaurants with Mediterranean, Middle East, Asian & Indian cuisine / Three lounges / Three swimming pools / Balinese Spa / Health club / Personal trainers / Desert safari / Land & water sports / Boutique / Private car hire / Mercedes limousines / Luxury yacht

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

156 rooms including 36 suites


Double occupancy from 263 euros

Nearest airport:

Seeb International Airport (MCT) - Seeb

Hotel details:


North Ghubra 232, Way No. 3215

18th November Street


Sultanate of Oman

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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 9 hours

Time difference from Paris:

+ 3 hours in winter / + 2 hours in summer


To the North and East : Mediterranean type climate

South and West : tropical climate (monsoons from June to September)

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

Passport valid six months after return date

Visa required (purchased on arrival or at an embassy)

No required vaccinations


Le riyal omanais (OMR)

The Omani riyal (OMR)

Languages spoken:

Arabic (official language) Balochi, Urdu, Farsi

English widely used at tourist sites

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