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United States of America, New York

The Room Mate Grace

Design, Partying, Jet set, Trendy, City, Cultural activities, Sports activities, Bar, Wellness, Family friendly, Swimming pool

The Room Mate Grace in the heart of Times Square is a chic, design and trendy hotel. The 139 rooms in this office building transformed by the celebrated hotelier André Balazs and his architect, Lindy Roy have a pure décor. The small room size is compensated for by an optimum use of space, creating an upscale YMCA spirit. A common aspect of all the rooms is the section of wall behind each bed which possesses psychedelic motifs. There’s no restaurant at the Room Mate although a kiosk in the reception area sells a wide variety of snacks. The bar however, at the edge of the sumptuous swimming pool, is one of the Big Apple’s trendiest spots where disc jockeys provide entertainment several times a week. If you hang around for a while, you won’t come across as many swimmers as you will celebrities. In addition, the warm and efficient staff at the Room Mate is more than worthy of the hotel’s reputation.

Times Square

Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, is as emblematic of New York as the Champs Elysées is of Paris. Formerly Longacre Place, it changed its name when the New York Times set up its offices here. Until the Depression of 1929, Times Square was filled with theatres and restaurants, and it was not uncommon to run into stars like Fred Astaire or Charlie Chaplin here.

After the Depression, the neighborhood deteriorated and became the site of prostitution, drugs and corruption. Thanks however to New York’s mayor from 1994 to 2002, Rudolph Giuliani, the quarter once again became the crossroads of the world that we know today. It’s here that most New Yorkers come to celebrate the New Year. This bustling area with its immense, brightly lit advertising signs, its chic restaurants, its Broadway theatres and its myriad yellow cabs is in constant movement, making it a must place to see in the Big Apple.

An ultra trendy youth hostel

Hidden in the heart of Times Square, the Room Mate Grace is a trendy hotel known for its parties held around its focal point, the swimming pool. This former office building offers, for the most part, relatively small rooms. In order to transform the building into a hotel, the owner André Balazs and the architect, Lindy Roy had to make do with the classic constraint of space in Manhattan. The result however, is rather successful since the pure décor in each room optimizes the space, with foldaway cushion mattresses on raised platform beds, quilts covered in Egyptian cotton and storage space under the beds. It’s not the height of luxury, but it creates an upscale YMCA atmosphere. The only common aspect of each room is the wall panel behind each bed which has a kaleidoscopic décor with psychedelic motifs in three tones: black, gray and white, orange, yellow and white or khaki black and brown. There’s a throw cushion on each bed recalling one of the tones of this modern day tapestry.

There is no restaurant at the Room Mate, although a stand in the reception area sells snacks of all kinds. It’s possible however, to have dishes from the local restaurants delivered to your room.

The bar however, at poolside, is one of the Big Apple’s trendiest spots where disc jockeys work their turntables several times a week. There are more celebrities than swimmers here including Candace Bushnell, the celebrated author of Sex and the city, and the electro star, Moby among others.

Times Square is the only neighborhood where shopkeepers, owners and managers are asked to advertise in bright lights. The 36.6 meter high electro-luminescent diode NASDAQ advertising panel is the biggest of its kind in the world. It cost 37 million dollars to build, and the NASDAQ pays two million dollars a year to rent the space.

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Member Room Mate Hotels / Design / Avant-garde / Times Square / Manhattan / Bar Lounge / DJs five days a week / Wellness / Gym / Indoor swimming pool / Babysitting service / Car rental / Smoking & non smoking rooms

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

139 rooms and suites


Double occupancy from 261 euros

Nearest airport:

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) - New York

Hotel details:

125 West 45th Street, Midtown
New York, New York 10036

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Flight time from Paris:

Paris - New York: approximately 8 hours

Paris - Los Angeles: approximately 12 hours

Time difference from Paris:

The United States is located in six time zones

- Eastern Standard Time: - 6 hours

- Central Standard Time: - 7 hours

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Due to the immensity of the country, all of the world’s climates are present.

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

Valid passport and no need for a visa for visitors possessing a biometric passport. (cf. http://french.france.usembassy.gov/niv-exemption.html)

An ESTA form (Electronic System Travel Authorization) must also be filled out in advance. https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/)

No vaccinations required


The U.S. dollar (USD)

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Numerous secondary languages, especially Spanish

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