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United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Burj Al Arab

7 stars, Confidential, Contemporary, Socializing, Excessive , Glamorous, Unusual, Jet set, Mythical, Luxury, Seaside, Desert, City, Cultural activities, Sports activities, Business, Bar, Wedding & Honeymoon, Gastronomy, Family friendly, Golf, Gardens, Swimming pool, Beach, Restaurant, Shopping, Spa, Yacht, Safaris

The Burj Al Arab, the icon of Dubai, is considered to be the world’s most luxurious hotel. Its height of 321 meters is a monument to the power of Dubai. Anchored in Arab history, its shape is modelled after the “boutre”, a traditional Arabian coasting boat. The contemporary and futuristic realization of the Burj Al Arab is above all an important technical achievement. It was built on land reclaimed from the sea, 280 meters from the coast. The hotel’s 28 floors of pure luxury include a heliport, a panoramic restaurant, an underwater restaurant, 220 duplex suites, a spa, etc. The structure was built with materials from all over the world including 30 different kinds of marble. The two royal suites, both on the 25th floor, have their own screening room, a private elevator, a meeting room, an immense dressing room and a revolving bed. The summit of contemporary luxury represented by the Burj Al Arab makes even the most seasoned jet setters turn their heads.

The city of superlatives

In the short space of twenty years, Dubai has become the embodiment of excess and extravagance. It’s here that the maddest and costliest projects see the light of day. “Always more” seems to be the motto of this coastal city whose origins are very modest, since it was once a simple pearl fishing port, pearls being its only source of income for centuries. Dubai, in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, is situated in a basically hostile region with torrid dry heat all year long. Over the years, it has become the second largest territory in the United Arab Emirates thanks to its oil deposits discovered in 1966. The economic boom that followed was a mere formality. The fishing village is now a city in which buildings emerge from the ground in the same way as the Emirate’s oil and natural gas. But Dubai has another important source of income. In 2008, it received seven million visitors. Tourism is therefore a vital part of this almost unreal city which is redefining the limit of what is possible. In the hotel category, Dubai is reputed to represent the height of contemporary luxury.

The incarnation of Dubai’s prestige

The client wanted a building which would become an icon, a symbolic message of what Dubai was all about, like the opera house in Sydney, Big Ben in London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Dubai needed a structure which would become synonymous with the country. Tom Wright, the Burj Al-Arab’s architect accomplished this mission. The Arab Tower is considered to be the most luxurious hotel in the world. In a five star classification system it is listed as seven stars. Its 321 meters make it the fourth tallest hotel in the world and a monument symbolizing the strength of Dubai. Anchored in Arab history, its form is modelled after a traditional sailing ship known as a “boutre” or “dhow”. The Burj Al-Arab is above all a technological wonder. This contemporary and futuristic structure was built on a 280-meter coastal landfill. The 26 floors of pure luxury include a heliport, a panoramic restaurant, an underwater restaurant, 220 duplex suites, a spa, etc. etc. The materials used to build it came from all over the world including 30 different kinds of marble. Each floor has its own reception area. The dizzying splendor of the entire hotel is visible from the 180-meter high atrium. In addition, there are two royal suites on the 25th floor, each equipped with a private screening room, a private elevator, a conference room, an immense dressing room and a rotating bed that makes even veteran jetsetters’ heads spin.

The heliport was transformed into a tennis court for a friendly match between Roger Federer and Andre Agassi in 2004, which took place at an altitude of 211 meters!

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Seven stars / Member Jumeirah Group / Monumental architecture / Skyscraper / Stunning views over Dubai skyline & Persian Gulf / Ultimate luxury / Inspirational / Garden / Six prize winning restaurants with modern European cuisine, seafood, Arabic buffet, Asian, Mediterranean & international delicacies / Lobby bar & Sky bar / Outdoor infinity pool / Assawan Spa / Fitness center / Private beach / Waterpark access / Kids club / World’s tallest atrium / Library / Helicopter tours / Hot air balloon safaris / Butler service / Rolls Royce service / Yacht

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

202 suites


Double occupancy from 1 200 euros

Nearest airport:

Dubai International Airport (DXB) - Dubai

Hotel details:


P.O. Box 74147


United Arab Emirates

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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 7 hours

Time difference from Paris

+2 hours in summer / +3 hours in winter


Hot and sunny (13 days of rain in Abu Dhabi!)
Temperatures of 50°C are not uncommon

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

Passport valid 6 months after return date
A free 30 day tourist visa is granted free of charge upon arrival
In addition to the common vaccinations (DTCP, Hepatitis B) the following vaccinations are advised: hepatitis A, rabies, typhoid fever


The United Arab Emirates’ dirham (AED)

Languages spoken

Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Farsi
English is widely used

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