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Germany, Berlin

Ku' Damm 101

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In the center of Berlin, the design hotel known as the Ku”Damm 101, opens onto the longest and liveliest avenue in the German capital: the Kürfurstendamm. The architecture of this three star boutique hotel is totally modern and daringly minimalist, plunging its visitors into the artistic universe of the renowned Swiss artist, painter and architect, Le Corbusier. The hotel’s 170 uncluttered, brightly lit and design oriented rooms include Globe armchairs by Pierre Paulin and throw a veil of fantasy over this unique address. Under the direction of the Swiss design-consultancy firm of Kessler & Kessler, the interiors provide modern comforts and celebrate the precepts of the master of urban space. In Le Corbusier’s own words: “Space, light, and order are what man needs to live.” Adjacent to Berlin’s main attractions, the Ku’Damm 101 is the perfect address for business travelers and urban nomads from all walks of life.


The capital of reunified Germany is a city with a troubled past, which although retaining the memory of its often-dark history, is squarely zeroed in on the future and all things contemporary. Architectural projects as ambitious as innovative are numerous as Berlin continues to alter its former image as a way of healing its wounds. At the site of the former and infamous Berlin wall, modern, avant-garde structures are replacing what was once a no man’s land. Symbolic of this desire to look forward, the Parliament quarter and Potsdamer Platz reflect the incredible creative activity of the city. “Berlin is a poor but sexy city,” its mayor, Klaus Wowereit proclaimed. Although Berlin continues to transform itself, it has retained the traces of past history when the empire of William II reigned over the entire Germanic world. The Charlottenbourg quarter, once the home of the 19th century bourgeoisie, is a very popular neighborhood today thanks to its numerous cafes, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, art galleries and luxury boutiques along the legendary Kurfürstendamm boulevard.

Design, comfort and unlimited connection

In the Charlottenbourg quarter, the Kurfurstendamm or Ku’Damm as Berliners affectionately call it, is the longest, the liveliest and most commercial street in the capital, and the Ku’Damm hotel naturally attracts business travellers in search of state of the art technology as well as numerous other tourists. This modern masterpiece pays tribute to the work of one of the fathers of modern design, the Swiss architect, urban specialist and painter, Le Corbusier. The result is a luxury hotel that is minimalist to the point of being Spartan and bare in design. “Space, light, order are what man needs to live, as much as food or a bed,” declared Le Corbusier. Following the precepts of the master, the Swiss design-consulting firm of Kessler and Kessler created multi-purpose modular rooms that could be changed according to the desires and fantasies of their occupants. The color and omnipresent central theme of the hotel is expressed in a combination of pallets inspired by the reflections of the Swiss architect, using the effects of the color on the perception of the shapes.

The design furniture is not superfluous to the rest of the hotel. They include Globe armchairs by Pierre Paulin in the most luxurious rooms. Arne Jacobsen chairs decorate the seminar rooms. Eternit by Willy Guhl adorns the gardens. (See magazine Intérieurs – mai-juin 2010.)


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Design hotel / Owned by Samuel Braun Group / Business trips and short stays / High-tech / Minimalist / Lounge Bar / Spa treatments / Dance lessons / Yoga classes / Parks nearby / Personal fitness training / Temporary exhibitions

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

170 rooms


Double occupancy from 84 euros

Nearest airport:

Berlin-Tegel International Airport (TXL)

Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport (SXF)

Hotel details:


Kurfürstendamm 101

D-10711 Berlin


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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 1h30

Time difference from Paris

Pas de décalage horaire
No time difference


Continental avec des étés chauds (surtout dans le sud) et des hivers assez rudes (surtout dans le nord)
Continental with warm summers (especially in the south) and fairly severe winters in the north

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

National ID card or valid passport
No visa required


Euro (EUR)

Languages spoken

German, English
French in large cities and at tourist sites

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