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Indonesia, Bali

Ubud Hanging Gardens

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The 38 villas of the Ubud Hanging Gardens hotel on the southern tip of the island of Bali, are hidden by a thick layer of vegetation. Sprung from the imagination of landscape architects William Warren and John Pettigrew, this luxury establishment offers its guests the unique experience of an intimate retreat on the heights of Denpasar. The spacious and elegant villas opening onto a forest of orchids and designed in traditional Balinese style, are contemporary and design. The minimalist and comfortable interiors are decorated with precious fabrics, casting a veil of nobility over this confidential hotel suspended on the side of a hill. In the heart of the Ayung Valley, the Ubud Hanging Gardens hotel takes a new look at the architecture of the famous hanging gardens of ancient Babylon, plunging guests into a green universe.

Ubud, Bali

Ubud, a Balinese cultural and artistic center, lies between vast stretches rice fields and steep ravines, a few kilometers from the capital, Denspasar. “Ubud is a village consecrated by painters. Walter Spies, who taught painting and music, came there in the 1930s, bringing with him a number of Europeans like the painters, Willem Hofker and Rudolf Bonnet. That’s how Ubud became fashionable in the world of art”, explains the tourist editor of the French newspaper Le Monde, Florence Evin. From then on, Ubud became home to host of museums and art galleries, and what was once a simple ordinary village became an active and busy city.

A real must here are the traditional dance and music performances which feature the myth of the barong, the struggle between the positive and the occult forces.

A hanging garden

Ubud, with its vast stretches of rice fields on the hillside, is located the southern tip of Bali, in the heart of the Ayung valley. This green patch of land perched on the heights of the Denspasar region, contains a thick tropical forest surrounding the centuries old stones of the Darem Segara temple. Visible from the steps of the sanctuary, the 38 villas of the Ubud Hanging Gardens hotel reveal the silhouettes of a daring blend of traditional Balinese architecture and contemporary design. Half hidden by lush vegetation, the suites rise in terraced fashion with undulating curves, like so many hanging gardens, in the image of the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Cacao, coffee, bamboo and flamboyant trees in addition to orchids fill the landscape with a multi-colored and chlorophyll atmosphere. Sprung from the imagination of landscape architects William Warren and John Pettigrew, the villas take the form of traditional Balinese buildings, which open onto to the exterior. Marble bathrooms, precious wood and fabrics and large bay windows all provide a minimalist and elegant comfort to the interiors, with the advantage of a private infinity swimming pool facing the jungle, perfect for contemplation with one’s feet in the water.

The best selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert, “Eat, Pray and Love” which was made into a film directed by Ryan Murphy, contributed to the popularity of Ubud. The story recounts the tribulations of a fortyish New York woman devastated after her divorce. Actress Julia Roberts played the role of a woman trying to rebuild her life. The film gave spectators the opportunity to discover the beauty of the region.

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Five stars / Member Orient-Express Group / Private villas / Luxury / Tropical forest / Hanging gardens / Balinese architecture / Retreat / Relaxation / Two restaurants / Asian, Western and Mediterranean cuisine / Bar / Open terrace / Two-level infinity pool / Ayung Spa / Boutique / Sports and cultural excursions / Cooking classes / Wellness classes / Painting classes / Kite making classes for children

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

38 private pool villas and suites


Double occupancy from 244 euros

Nearest airport:

Denpasar-Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) - Kuta

Hotel details:


Desa Buahan

Desa Payangan




details about this country

Flight time from Paris:

Between 18 and 25 hours according to the destination

Time difference from Paris:

The country is in three time zones

Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, west and center: + 5 hours in summer/ + 6 in winter

Bali, Nusa Tengara, Kalimantan east and south and Sulawesi : +6 hours in summer / + 8 hours in winter

Irian, Jaya and the Moluccas : +7hours in summer / +8 hours in winter


Two seasons : The hard dry monsoon (May to October), the humid monsoon (November to April)

Temperatures vary between 22 and 34°C ion and land 26 to 29°C in the sater

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

Passport valid six months after date of return

Visa required (before departure from an embassy – valid 60 days, or upon arrival at the airport – valid 30 days)

No vaccination necessary


The Indonesian rupee (rupiah) (DR) or Rp

Languages spoken:

Bahasa Indonesian is the official language

English, Dutch, Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Minang, Bugis

More than 400 languages and dialects

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j'ai vraiment adoré cet hotel !

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ben a vrai dire .. rien :)

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2013, December 7


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Journaliste, chroniqueuse dans "C à vous" que France 5.
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Ubud Hanging Gardens



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